iPad How To Highlight Text

This mini guide will help you in highlighting text on your iPad. You might require certain portions of a text to be highlighted when showcasing it to reviewers or other readers.  The procedural steps highlighted should be adhered to by you in order to successfully accomplish the task.

Step 1

You should navigate to the text which you wish to select on iPad

Step 2

You should touch and hold the text until a magnifying glass symbol appears. Lift your finger from the iPad touch screen to set the cursor in its current position. Selection buttons appear

Step 3

Tap “Select All” if you want to select all the text. More option buttons appear.

Step 4

Tap “Select” to select only the word adjacent to the blinking cursor. Drag the blue dots of the highlighted word to redefine the selection area. More option buttons appear.

Step 5

Select the “Cut” option to delete the selected text. Select “Copy” to copy the text.

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