Yoga app review – Pulsing Life-Force, Every Day

There are different ways to boost your energy and enjoy every minute of your life.
Yoga seems to be the perfect way to restore spirituality to the mind and heart and
improve mental and physical health.

Whether you want to improve your health, tone your body, or simply relax. Whether
you have never practiced yoga or you’re a veteran yogi – you should try All-in YOGA
HD by Viaden.

This app is considered to be one of the greatest fitness & health iPad apps! It contains
the most effective techniques, beneficial to a healthier and fitter life. The app gives
you not only access to over 300 poses with video and audio instructions (plus 3D
models), but also over 30 effective breathing techniques to improve your fitness and
sleeping habits. You can choose any of 40 pre-made yoga workouts or create your
own and share it with your friends.

As yoga is not merely acrobatics, but a special unity of body, mind, and spirit, you
should accompany your yoga practice with some spiritual music – you can find it
right in the app, or add it from your iPod.

The app really leaves an impression with its rich library of unique content, and the
way that it affords versatility in your yoga practice! It’s really effective and enjoyable
using on the iPad, with graphics designed for the retina display, multiple profiles, and
Facebook and Twitter sharing options!

Stay on top of every day and be happy!

More useful workouts –

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The harmony of body, mind and spirit

Yoga fashion, having boomed several years ago, has already become a lifestyle for
many people all over the world. Practicing yoga means keeping your intellectual and
emotional serenity, in optimal shape and applying a positive attitude to every aspect
of your life. Your desire and aspiration for yoga should be accompanied by effective
yoga training on- and offline.

If you are thinking of beginning your yoga journey using your iPad, then you should
try the app that has already gained great feedback by more than 3,000,000 people
worldwide: Yoga Free for iPad by Viaden Mobile.

Realizing the true value of yoga and the way it shapes the body and soul, Viaden
Mobile includes in the app practices suitable for yogis of all different levels. So what
makes it so special?

First it impresses with rich content: 300 poses supplied with detailed explanations,
illustrative photos, and HD yoga videos. You can try a pre-designed yoga program or
create your own with the easy-to-use functionality on the screen. You can even get
some advice from a professional yoga teacher!

During yoga classes with Yoga Free for iPad, you experience guidance with the aid
of relaxing yoga tunes and a pleasant voice that makes the whole process harmonic
and inspiring. You can also add your own asanas to the database or send your favorite
ones to your friends.

Extra bonuses include a personal yoga calendar with encouraging daily quotes, and a
special Yoga Magazine subscription.

The app is a great choice to everyone who strives for a healthy and harmonic life!

You can download the app from the AppStore.
Also check the best resource for your personal yoga achievements

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Ninjatown: Trees Of Doom!

Ninjatown is a never-ending action-climbing application by Venan Entertainment, Inc. The combination of the memorable heroes and villains of Ninjatown makes it top most addictive gameplay.

It has two modes - CLASSIC AND TIMED MODES. Experience the original TREES OF DOOM by playing Classic Mode.  Timed Mode  is limited .Climb as high as you can in Classic Mode without getting knocked down by Mr. Demon’s devilish crew, or scale the heights in Timed Mode as you hit checkpoints to keep the timer from running down to zero!

It was awarded  as a Game of the Month , but still the developers are trying to make the game more better.

In this 1.5.1 version, Two new ninjas are added in the game: Forest Ninja and White Ninja.

Supports Retina Display  and also multi-tasking.

More updates are going to be released very soon.

Wee Ninja isn’t the only denizen of Ninjatown trying to climb the TREES OF DOOM! See if you can find them all!

Want to see the world of Ninjatown in a whole new way? Try tapping the game logo on the main menu for a more SCRIBBLY visual experience! Tap the logo again to switch back to the classic visuals!

Ascend the TREES OF DOOM as you try to climb higher than any other Wee Ninja in Ninjatown! Ol’ Master Ninja will be most-impressed, thanks to the easy-to-learn controls that make it super-simple to dodge Mr. Demon’s evil minions.

The nefarious Mr. Demon doesn’t like it when Wee Ninjas climb his trees, so he’s sent some goons to knock you off! Watch out for the bat-like Flying Devils, the tenacious Deadly Swarms, and gooey Dark Syrup!

There are numbers of POWER-UPS, such as- blow giant bubble gum shields, vanish into thin air with candy smoke bombs, rocket through the air as Super Ninja, and hitch a ride on flying Mucho Macho Moustachios, etc.

Earn over 30 Game Center achievements and stack your scores against Wee Ninjas across the globe on the worldwide leaderboard! Post your scores to Twitter or Facebook and impress your friends!

This amazing climbing game is free for weekend.. to celebrate the launch of  latest title BOOK OF HEROES.

Price: Free.

Download link:!/id369997638?mt=8

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Action Buggy App Reviews

Action Buggy is a game application by Donut Games.  Gear up  yourself in the drivers seat of a moon buggy and try to travel the farthest distance through  THE ROCKY SURFACES. There are two control options – The left side of the screen is responsible for making your buggy jump, and the right side belongs to fire rockets which can destroy obstacles.   If your rocket missed target to fire create craters that can crash your buggy.
Your main goal is to last as long as possible to win the game. If you crash into a rock, fall into a hole or drive into open flames will bring your game to a quick end.
Your score is based on how many obstacles you can overcome. The game includes Game Center integration as well.





- Retro style HAND-PIXELED graphics.
- ENDLESS VARIATION: Levels are generated in real-time as you play.
- Demolition Frenzy: Blow up things that block your way.
- Rock solid, responsive controls.
- Precision jumps and missiles.
- Achievements to unlock.
- Global Leaderboards: Submit your scores online.
- Donut Games’ Collectors Icon #21.
- EXCLUSIVE: Not available on any other platform than iDevices.
- And much more…

- Retina / HD support
- Game Center support
- Universal App (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

Price: Free( It is available for free for a limited time).

Download link: 

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Help a tiny jellyfish to go home

Tiny JellyFish  by The Green is a cute, little action game. The story is - One day little jellyfish was playing alone. Because his group left without him, he lost also his parents and group. He is trying to find  his way of home by navigating the dangerous sea.
The basic goal of the game is to go to the end of each level without falling into a trench or getting hit by an enemy — not even once. If you fall,  you can again start the level, or you can simply skip it if you want, no matter if you can actually complete one or not.

Playing the game is very easy.

- For clear stage, arrive the right side on the screen with some buttons.
- Move both sides with left and right button.
- Jump with jump button.

You get the options to control the jellyfish by tilting your device, or by using a joystick. It includes two control options, and OpenFeint integration.


- Variety of challengin stage
- Easy and simple user interface
- You can choose button mode or tilt mode
- Cute and wonderful sea design
- Controlling tiny jellyfish is fun itself
- Support Retina graphics

Price: Free.

Download link: 

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Reuters News Pro for iPad

Reuters News Pro provides you with access to professional-grade news and market data wherever and whenever you want it. It mainly focuses on video graphics and interactivity, such as interactive charting and financial data manipulation. Users can enjoy horizontal scrolling and split-screen reading here and also enables offline reading using cache mechanism.
The high quality contents are organized well and the UI is very simple
The addition of the Reuters Galleries app for iPad also helps you watch award-winning news photography and video. It offers stunning visuals that maximise the potential of the iPad graphics and multimedia system .






•Extensive coverage of the people and events that drive markets–from deals and merger news to global indices data .
•Ability to personalize geographic-specific views to customize the news, wherever you are in the world
•Access to breaking news from around the globe
•A customizable watch list for monitoring your stocks and companies
•Detailed company profiles, including business descriptions, officer and director profiles and contact details.
•Constantly updated stream of the best pictures from around the world from Reuters. award-winning photojournalists .
•Video coverage of the biggest news and business stories.
•Science, technology, health and internet news.
•Sports news and results.
•Entertainment coverage including film, television, music and celebrity news.
•Reuters popular “Oddly Enough” stories of the bizarre and quirky side of life.
•Easy to install, on-the-go application doesn’t require human processing.
•Off-line loading service provides full access to news content when you’re not online.
•Free to consumers.

Price: Free.

Download link:

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Heroic Legends App Review

Heroic Legends is a free massively multiplayer online game by FABULAPPS.  Playing the game is very simple.

The game starts off with the creating of your character. Select the character from humans, skeletons and goblins and important is – decide to be male or female. You have select the character wisely because you only get one character and it is difficult to make changes to it.

Once your character is ready to start, now the time is to learn about your work, fight and quest. Working will earn gold, experience points (XP) and sometimes elixirs.In the beginning session, working consists of baking bread, muffins and cakes. But as you progress, you can change jobs to  blacksmith or wood cutter. Each task that you do will cost “Inergia,” which is earned when you level up, when you win battles. Characters automatically earn one Inergia per four minutes. Inergia is amount of energy your character needs to finish tasks.

Select a challenger and tap the “Attack” button. Your character’s stats in agility, strength, armor and life will be compared to your opponents and the character with the best stats wins the battle. To increase your odds, hold down the “Attack” button for an extra second and multiple attack options will appear for you to select from.

iPad Screenshot 3
iPad Screenshot 4
Quests are generally comprised of winning a number of battles, completing certain tasks for a given job, and purchasing a specific item.

The game gets more exciting with its social aspect. Players can chat in real-time, give orders or plan a strategy together. Players can also invite new users to the game to build a more powerful guild.

The game is enriched with LOTS OF FEATURES!
• Free massively multiplayer online game
• Attack other players to gain experience and recognition
• Get a job and complete many tasks to earn money
• Create your own character and equip him with powerful weapons and unique outfits to show your rivals who is the best
• Invite your friends and build your guild to become stronger
• Battle in legendary guild wars
• Chat in real time with other players and with members of your guild
• Engage your guild in dangerous quests to earn great rewards and loot
• Hundreds of powerful swords, shields and clothes to unlock
• Epic music and sound effects
• Gorgeous Retina display graphics
• Universal version for iPhone and iPad

The presentation is attractive,  cool animations and a fun, inviting look, but the game isn’t pushing the hardware by any means. The sprite work is generic, but character appearances do change when adding new types of armor or weaponry. The musical themes and sound effects are also good.Overall, this universal game is full of fun and satisfying.

Price: Free.

Download link:

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Nutty Sam: Swing, Slide & Soar to Survive

Nutty Sam is a physics-based puzzle game application by Digital Legends Entertainment.
On the main screen, there is a button, if  you tap this, the light turns off and Sam goes to sleep and if you tap on him and he’ll make cute noises at you. The aim of the game is  help an inflatable half chameleon, half blowfish named Sam to collect golden nuts by swinging, sliding, and soaring around obstacles and Challenges. There are three nuts per level, and your score depends on how many moves you take to finish as well as how many nuts you can collect.

iPad Screenshot 1iPad Screenshot 2

There are many useful mechanism that  aid Sam along on his journey to the end of each level. Just tap and hold anywhere on the screen to inflate him and release to make him fall. The red buttons will slingshot Sam whichever way the arrow attached to them is pointing and the wind can be used to help him float in different directions.

Each of the level contains creative and interesting ways to inflate Sam. like wind streams, secret switches that open doors, springs that send you bouncing, etc. They are all helps Sam to reach end of the game.

There are 60 levels in the application. You can play first 20 levels for free! The other 40 levels are downloadable for only $0,99!

Price: Free.

Download link:

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HackerNews for iPad

HackerNews is a news application by Libin Pan. It provides you the easy and best way to read articles and comments from YCombinator’s Hacker News on your iPad.
It supports Instapaper for you to read later.
The layout of the app resembles the Mail application, with a column of headlines on the left in landscape mode or a popover in portrait mode.
If you start the app,  the HN homepage shows on the right, which is little bit confusing, because it is in no way connected to the column on the left.
In potrait mode, it is even more confusing, because it’s not obvious that the button on the title bar open the article list. But once you figured that out, the app is a great way to browse Hacker news. If you select a headline from the list, it loads in the main area. You can also toggle between articles and comments.  Like in Hacker News HD, the comments view are simply a webview with the HN comment page.

iPad Screenshot 1

iPad Screenshot 3

Keep in mind that it is not directly affiliated with Y Combinator. New features will be added very soon.

Price: $0.99

Download link:

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Angry FouFou App Reviews

Who had already played Angry Birds, they do not like the “Angry FouFou Game” applications. It is an arcade game with amazing graphics, 100′s of levels. The basic goal of the game is to throw foods to at googly-eyed toilets, which have inexplicably hidden themselves among some rickety structures.
The food is called foufou which is a staple food of Western and Central Africa. You have to throw them in a single shot. Just place your finger on the foufou, pull back on the slingshot, and release.
There are three lumps of foufou to throw per level. Every toilet must be demolished to win the level. There are only six levels, but you also get a bonus level with a different style of play.In the bonus a man walking along with a foufou head and a big gun. Yu have to do is- shoot all the flying toilets out of the sky; it’s a game of survival, if you miss just one toilet and the game will be finished.

It is not a serious game. If you want fun for a while,  you can download it for free.

Price: Free.

Download link:


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